Product Description

Despite the widespread use of boron compounds and the early identification of boron as an element, studies of boron chemistry have been carried out in a relatively limited area. The reasons for this were the unstable properties of boron compounds for hydrolysis or oxidation, and the structural difficulties in handling many of the materials. When the experimental pressure vacuum technique was developed, the R&D studies of boron chemistry accelerated.
Again, thanks to this technique, ION TRANSFER was carried out by using organic catalysts with chemical reaction and concentrated boron product was produced in liquid form.

This fluid activator produced is in liquid form and in concentrated form. Due to this feature, it was first used to improve the performance of machine and motor oils, since it would have a high homogeneous dispersion ability in fluid matrices. After the positive data in these studies, BORON ACTIVATOR, named IONIC BORON, started to be used in polyester and polyurathane resins.

Product Features

➤ Increases the Power of Effect by Providing Homogeneous Harmony to the Matrix It is Added to

➤ Creates Use in More Industries

➤ Increases the Benefit Ratio in the Use of Solid Boron